Mistral SUP Boards

With Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP boarding) the fun starts as soon as you hit the water, no more waiting for a wave or perfect conditions! It is one of the fastest growing water-sports Mistral-BB3in the USA, and for good reason. Variations include flat water paddling, hiking, camping and exploring, surfing, paddling in rivers and rapids, fishing and just messing about. The choice is yours.

More and more hotel groups are offering SUP board tours along the coast. You don’t want to be the only on left out – these are some of the best around!

Stand up paddle boarding is an excellent form of exercise. It improves your fitness and balance, developing core strength and stamina while you have fun.  The sport is relatively easy to learn, and there is a board and paddle to match all levels of skill and fitness.Mistral-BB4

Mistral inflatable SUP boards come packaged in a high quality, wheeled travel bag. Whether stowed in your car, loaded on a plane or carried on your back, your Mistral Inflatable SUP is coming with!

These Mistral stand up paddle boards are the perfect thing for the Caribbean seas.

Contact us to place your order now.

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