Eagle Claw 304 Grade Stainless Steel Wood Screws are manufactured to the highest international quality standards in Taiwan

These screws are not galvanized and do not have a coating of any sort but are made from 304 grade stainless steel so they have outstanding weather resistance!

What is the best screw to use in this humid and wet climate? It obviously has to be stainless steel! These screws have lived up to the test in other parts of the world so why not here – in the climate they were designed for?

These screws have a torx (star) drive head which gives the driver a superior grip so we get minimal stripping and almost no breakages of the screws.

Suitable for Outdoor and Coastal applications, we confidently recommend these corrosion resistant Torx Deck Screws for use with all Hardwoods and Softwoods, including redwood, cedar and pressure treated lumber.

Stainless deck screws can also be used for fixing fencing and siding, among many other applications. No more ugly staining caused by rusting nails on your valuable outdoor timber projects.

The four sizes available are as follows:
# 8 x 1-5/8” T20 Star Drive
#10 x 2” T25 Star Drive
#10 x 2-1/2” T25 Star Drive
#10 x 3” T25 Star Drive

All four sizes are available in handy 350- and 1750-piece buckets with the drivers included.

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